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Following the recent security alerts across the world, the airline security industry has gone into overdrive as they encourage  government avsec departments to mandate the use of x-ray and other detection devices on cargo flights.

UPS - Quick to act on recent security alert

As we have seen over the past 10 or so years of heightened security requirements, some of the measures have been counter-productive in the overall scheme of things.  There can be no denying that a great leap forward occurred with the AAA regulations requiring all baggage to be reconciled with the passengers on-board.  However, I remain at a loss as to why liquids are limited to 100ml although the number of individual 100ml units is not restricted.  Likewise, why do we need to remove our laptops at the x-ray despite the fact that the machines are perfectly capable of scanning through laptop bags.  We must hope that the ban on toner cartridges does not implicate every photocopier engineer in a terrorist plot!

ASG have been involved at the strategic and operational levels at airports across the world,

Airports have to operate safely but the public also want speed and ease of service

and for many of the industry users themselves.  We urge a considered approach to the mandating of any new requirements, and whilst we always advocate the highest security and safety for the industry and public, we would remind the decision makers that aviation needs to operate safely, on-time and profitably in order to survive.  A considered and consistent approach is necessary – do not confuse increased bureaucracy with better security measures.

ASG are working with airlines and third party industry suppliers in planning their contingency and emergency planning programs, as well as assisting in the operational solutions required to facilitate higher security and maintain their daily business.

We can be contacted by email at or by telephone on +44(0)7946 017115

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